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Did you know...

In Billings, the graduation rate increased from 77.6% in 2011 to 82.1% in 2015.

In the state of Montana, an additional 162 students graduated in 2014 compared to 2013. These graduates represent gains of as much as $24 million in increased lifetime earnings and $162,000 in annual state and local tax revenues.

If Billings increased its overall graduation rate to 95%, the economic benefits from these additional 162 graduates would likely include as much as:

                       $ 2 million in increased annual earnings and $231,430 in annual state and local taxes
                       $ 2.6 million increase in gross regional product and $1.6 million in increased annual spending                                   into the local economy
                       $ 3.4 million in increased home sales and $2 million in increased auto sales

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from a Billings Public High School a student shall have earned a minimum of twenty credits. (The minimum will be 21 beginning with the class of 2008).

Credit Requirements:

• 4 credits in English
• 2 credits in Mathematics, one of which must be Algebra I or above
• 1 credit in World History
• 1 credit in American History
• 1/2 credit in Government
• 1/2 credit in senior Social Studies
• 2 credits in Science (1 in Biology and 1 in Physical Science)
• 1  credit in Health Enhancement
• 1 credit in Visual or Performing Arts
• 1 credit in Practical Arts
• 7 Elective credits selected by the student

For more information regarding graduation requirements, please contact your individual high school.