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Medication at School

Billings Public Schools Policy on Medication: 

Prescription Medication at school:

  • Elementary and Middle School: All prescription medication that must be taken by your child during the school day requires appropriate paperwork from your child’s health care provider:

**Please note: A new set of paperwork must be completed at the beginning of each school year. It cannot carry over from the prior school year.

Use this form if your child is of appropriate age and ability to take the correct dose of medication at the appropriate time with minimal assistance. The medication will be stored at the school office and taken under the supervision of school office staff. 
Use this form if your child is too young or incapable of taking the correct dose or remembering to take at the correct time without assistance. The medication will be stored by the School Nurse in a secured location and administered by the School Nurse. 
  • High School: Students will be responsible for all prescription medication. Medication will be stored and administered by the student. No paperwork is required. Please do not send large amounts of the medication to school with your child. The medication should be stored in the appropriately labeled pharmacy bottle. *There is an exception to this rule for inhalers and EpiPens due to a Montana State Law. Please see section on the Asthma/Allergy Medication Law.

  • The School Nurse is available to administer medication if the student is not capable. Appropriate paperwork signed by the parent and health care provider is required.

Over the Counter (OTC) Medication at School:

  • Elementary School: The same regulations apply as prescription medication (see above). The OTC medication must be stored in the office and appropriate paperwork is required.

  • Middle School and High School: Students may carry a small supply of OTC medication with them. No paperwork is required.

**Please note: OTC medication is not stocked or supplied by the school. School staff should not under any circumstances be providing any OTC medication to your child.