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Emergency Health Care Plans

School Nurses play a vital role in the development of health care plans to promote the safety and well-being of students in the school setting. Emergency Health Plans are required for any student with a health condition that could lead to a life threatening or significant health crises within the school environment. For example: Diabetes, seizure disorders, severe allergies, cardiac concerns, etc.

Please contact your child's School Nurse if your child has a health condition that would warrant the need for an Emergency Health Plan. Once the health plan is developed by the parent and the School Nurse, the information is provided to school staff for instruction on student care in the event of an emergency situation. The Emergency Health Plan will follow the student through their school years unless there is a change in health status. The plan must be updated and signed yearly by the parent. Parent cooperation with providing signed, updated health plans at the beginning of the school year is of utmost importance in providing a safe environment at school. If your student's emergent health condition requires a medication be given at school, please refer to the "Medications at School" section. A healthcare provider order will need to be completed for school.