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“It is the position of the National Association of School Nurses that the registered professional school nurse is the only school staff member who has the skills, knowledge base, and statutory authority to fully meet the healthcare needs of students with diabetes in the school setting. Diabetes management in children and adolescents requires complex daily management skills (American Association of Diabetes Educators [AADE], 2008) and health services must be provided to students with diabetes to ensure their safety in the school setting and to meet requirements of federal laws.”  


The Billings Public Schools Registered Nurses are available to provide the following services for the child diagnosed with Diabetes:
  • Development of individualized health plans for management of Diabetes in the school setting
  • Assisting students with understanding and managing their Diabetes at school
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Assistance and supervision of carb counting and insulin dosage calculation
  • Administration of insulin (by syringe, pen, pump, etc)
  • Administration of Glucagon/Baqsimi in the event of a hypoglycemic emergency
  • Urine ketone testing (when ordered by the student’s doctor and testing strips provided by the parent)
  • Calibration of continuous blood glucose monitoring systems if indicated
  • The School Nurse may utilize continuous blood glucose monitoring systems to assist with management of Diabetes during the school day. Billings Public Schools staff and School Nurses will not be held responsible for continuous monitoring of blood glucose readings (including online monitoring).
The following responsibilities are expected of the parent of the student with Diabetes:
  • Providing the School Nurse with the necessary supplies to manage the student’s Diabetes at school (glucometer and strips, insulin, snacks, etc.)
  • Communicating with the School Nurse any changes in treatment that occur following an appointment with the student’s care provider.
  • Providing the School Nurse with accurate carb information for items packed in lunches from home, should the student choose not to eat school lunches.
  • Maintenance of equipment (including glucometers, pumps, and additional monitoring systems such as continuous glucose monitors.)
Documentation of care provided at school:
  • Registered Nurses are required to document all treatment and interaction with the student. The School Nurses maintain a written log documenting care for the student with Diabetes. Copies of this documentation are available to the parent at any time upon request. Parents will be contacted for concerns according to parameters set forth in the student’s health care plan.
  • Any documentation desired by the parent other than the documentation described above will be the responsibility of the parent and/or the student.