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Gifted and Talented

Director’s Name: Kim Anthony
Phone: 281-5144

The Extended Studies Program provides direct services to qualifying elementary gifted and talented students who have demonstrated outstanding intellectual and academic ability. The primary goal is to provide services that are commensurate with student academic needs and to foster a positive self-image. The program focuses on the development of intellectual skills, intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility while encouraging originality and creativity. Students in first and  second grade receive up to 1.5 hours of direct service per week. Students in grades three through six receive up to 3 hours of direct service per week. Seven certified teachers provide direct services to approximately 300 students in our district.


Extended Studies Program

Direct Services for K-5

Starting Date: Direct services to identified students begin the second week of school. 

Extended Studies Identification Process K-4

District-wide Second Grade Screening:  
All second grade students will be screened using the Cognitive Abilities Screener.

Referral Process for direct services: March-May (K-1, 3-4)
       In April, teachers screen their students using TABS – a researched based teacher screening tool (traits, attributes, and behaviors)

  • Permission to test is requested in April or May  
  • Students identified through TABS for further testing, are given an ability test
  • Students scoring lower than the 95th percentile on the ability test– testing is stopped – parents are notified that their child does not qualify for services
  • Students scoring at or above the 95th percentile on the ability test – testing continues with achievement testing
  • Achievement testing in math and reading (K-5 NWEA)
  • Students who do not score above the 95th percentile in at least three out of the six areas (See below) - parents notified that their child does not qualify for services
  • Students who do score above the 95th percentile in at least three out of the six areas (See below) - parents will be notified of placement in gifted services for the following year

Necessary Scores for Qualification:

Objective Scores:
Qualification for gifted services requires students to score at or above the 95th percentile in three out of the six areas listed below:

Cognitive Abilities Test:                       Academic:  NWEA (MAP) Testing
• Verbal                                                   • Math
• Quantitative                                        • Reading
• NonVerbal
• Composite


Using the following 2 criteria:
Intelligence Indicator- IQ score of 130 or above as tested by psychologists or other qualified professionals
Achievement Test - 95th percentile or above in either Reading or Math

Optional Input:
TABs--teacher screening tool
Strength Assessment--parent input

The screening process for Extended Studies takes place in the spring. At various times throughout the year, students from other districts enroll in our schools and indicate that they were in a gifted program at their previous schools. Gifted programs vary greatly from district to district, state to state. To qualify and be placed immediately in Extended Studies, students' records must contain information that meets our qualifying criteria. For example, if students have achievement scores in reading or math at the 95th percentile, but no IQ scores, we may opt to administer an ability test to determine placement or non-placement.