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415 N. 30th Street 
Billings, MT 59101

  • The Truancy and Detention Center is located in Room 407 on the fourth floor of the Lincoln Center.
  • Students are to arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. Student pick up is between 3:00 and 3:30 PM. Late arrival will makeup the time after 3:30 PM or have extra days added to stay.
  • Parents of truant students under the age of 16 are required to pick up their children from the center. 
  • Suspended students may walk, drive or take a city bus to and from the center with parent permission. However, due to limited parking at the Lincoln Center students are not permitted to use the Staff and Adult Education parking lot. Non-metered parking is available north of 6th Street. if you should have any questions concerning student parking, please call the Lincoln Center. 
  • Students must be escorted into and out of the Truancy Center either by their parents, a responsible adult, or center staff. Students can request an escort up to the Truancy Center by using the phone located by the front reception desk.
  • Students must work on homework assignments or read chapter books or textbooks following an acclimation period. Sleeping is not allowed. It is the responsibility of the student or parent to collect class homework assignments from schools. They must bring extra reading/chapter books to then have access to a computer after the first day of any stay. 
  • Students must complete all of their required suspension time at the center in order to return to classes in their home school. Absences can be excused for documented professional visits, court appearances, and other emergencies on a case by case basis. Parents will need to arrange absences in advance though the Truancy Center  and the home schools administrator.
  • All student possessions are inventoried and secured in the center for the day. A visual examination of the student's clothing will also occur at this time and in cases where there is "reasonable suspicion" any backpacks, purses, or wallets will have further examination. 
  • Student sack lunches are provided at no cost. Students may bring a cold lunch if they wish. No candy, pop, flavored water, glass bottles, or cans are allowed. Only unopened water bottle will be allowed. Refrigeration is available.
  • Students violating district disciplinary policies and or committing illegal acts while attending the center may be assigned additional suspension time in the center.
  • For safety of students and staff, video surveillance equipment is in use. 
  • With parental permission, center staff can arrange professional visits for students. In addition, some agencies including Law Enforcement, Tumbleweed, Youth Court and Probation and Social Services may conduct student interviews in the Truancy Center. 
  • Sleeping is not allowed while attending the center.
  • Students may not have cell phones, iPods, or any other electronic devices while at the Center. Dress code is enforced. hooded sweatshirts or jackets with hoods or pockets are not allowed to be worn during the day at the Center. It does get cold in the Center so recommended attire is long sleeves and pants.