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The role of the Transportation Department is to transport students safely and efficiently to and from school buildings and on field trips. The safety of our students is always a top priority and we recognize that transporting students adds an extra level of risk. All of our bus drivers are licensed and required to take a safety course geared specifically toward transporting school students.

We hope that your child will have a successful and enjoyable bus transportation experience.

Coordinator's Name: Sondra Baker
Phone:  281-5581

2018-2019 Transportation Information 

If a student lives in a regular ed busing area for an individual school, parents should go to the front office of the school to get a bus ticket. Bus tickets are issued at each individual school and the school will also have maps of the bus routes and a list of available bus stops with pickup and drop off times. In general a student must live 3 or more miles from the school in order to qualify for school bus transportation, but there are some exceptions for K-8. If you have questions, please contact the school or the Transportation Department at 281-5581.

Sondra Baker – Transportation Director                                          281-5581
Martha Tanner – Transportation Asst. - Special Education             281-5580
First Student Transportation - School Bus Contractor                     248-3667