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Redistricting Resources

In 2017, Billings Public Schools (BPS) implemented new school attendance boundaries to accommodate the alignment to the K-5, 6-8, 9-12 educational model and the opening two new middle schools, Medicine Crow and Ben Steele.

BPS is continuing to be impacted by growth in new areas and a shift in demographics, causing overcrowding in many schools. The district is continuing to work with Cropper GIS Consulting to analyze current and projected enrollments, which includes considering the impact of new developments that have been approved by the city and county.

The primary objective is to examine the district’s attendance areas at all 3 levels (Elementary, Middle, and High) with a focus on establishing a feeder system that best meets the needs of ALL students in the district as best as possible.

Click here for the redistricting interactive map

**use the toolbar to the left of the map to adjust views of school boundaries

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