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Mary Heinert

Kurt Klein

Jim Noble

Anjuli Ross

Steven Wieder

7th Grade Life Science

Seventh grade Life Science emphasizes the use of the scientific method to solve   problems. The course introduces students to cellular structure, processes and reproduction. The class also discusses heredity, how genes are passed from one generation to the next and how evolution impacts a species. Students will study the classification system and organisms within each kingdom, including bacteria,  protists, plants, animals and fungi. The class includes a unit that deals with ecosystems. Various hands-on laboratory activities complement the units of study. During these activities, students will learn to use microscopes,  balances, and other scientific equipment.

8th Grade Physical Science

The student will use process skills as a basis for defining and solving problems and answering questions related to the study of the physical environment.  Students will be involved in activities which include the following processes:  collecting data; distinguishing among observation, interpretation and inference;  identifying and using experimental controls and data formulation conclusions;  writing reports of scientific investigation; and will use vocabulary and information common to physical science.