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Nadine Barnett

Jesse Chipman 

Jessica Kugler

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Julie Winkler

​7th Grade Prep

Algebra 1

Students will study fractions, decimal and percent concepts. Students will be introduced to further statistical and geometric concepts as well as develop their pre-algebra skills. In the eighth grade students will enroll inPrep-Algebra 2, a pre-algebra course in order to prepare them for Algebra in ninth grade.       

7th Grade Prep

Algebra 1-2

This course is designed for students who have mastered the elementary math curriculum.  Placement in this course will be dependent upon meeting established criteria.  Students enrolled in Prep-Algebra 1-2 will review fraction, decimal, and percent skills, expand their knowledge of statistical, geometric and number concepts,  and concentrate on pre-algebra concepts. Students who successfully complete Prep-Algebra 1-2 will be enrolled in algebra in the eighth grade.

8th Grade Prep

Algebra 2

Students will review fraction, decimal and percent skills, enhance statistical, geometric and number concepts, and concentrate on introductory algebraic concepts. Successful completion of Prep-Algebra 2 will prepare students to enroll in Algebra as a freshman.
8th Grade- Algebra Students will study algebraic concepts and their applications in probability, statistics and geometry. Students enrolling in Algebra must have mastery of whole numbers,  fractions, percents, and decimals as well as a background in pre-algebra skills.  Students who successfully complete Algebra in the eighth grade will enroll in Geometry or Enriched Geometry as a freshman.