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Jessica Heier

Entrepreneurs, Manage, Problem Solve, Work and Explore the Real World

Elements of Study:
-Managing multiple roles and responsibilities
-Consumer and Family Resources
-Consumer Services
-Family and Community Services
-Food Production and Consumer Sciences
-Food Sciences, Dietetics and Nutrition
-Interpersonal Relationships
-Textiles, Fashion and Apparel


Empower 1

(8th Grade)

Knowledge generated in EMPOWER will allow students to deal effectively with the management of personal relationships, family life, and consumer-financial decisions in a technologically rich setting.  Empowering students to be effective communicators, decision makers, and problem solvers is the root of this Family and Consumer Science course.  The course utilizes collaboration, discovery, and hands-on projects.  Students develop basic culinary skills.  Students are encouraged to register for EMPOWER 2 for further empowerment.  ​

Empower 2

(8th grade)

* Empower 1 is prerequisite
This course is an extension of EMPOWER 1 and continues the students journey of becoming productive citizens. The course will include more hands on projects and rich discussions.  The course utilizes collaboration, discovery, and hands-on projects. Students develop advanced culinary skills, financial basics, and entrepreneurial ventures. Students are encouraged to follow this course with Family and Consumer Sciences courses in high school.