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Orchard School Clinic Services
Using a patient-centered approach, doctors, nurses, a child psychiatrist and a licensed clinical social worker are available to meet students’ and families’ needs.  Enrollment materials must be completed before students and family members can be cared for at the Orchard School Clinic.

Important Information

When calling in an absence or you need to get a message to your son or daughter please use the direct line for attendance 281-6004 or 281-6000, Opt. 1. Sign up for Power School for Parents at the Quick Link above, this allows you to follow the progress of your student(s) Ex: Missing assignments, grades, attendance, etc.

Stand with Us Against Bullying

stand with us against bullying


Bullying harms many people in many ways. Billings Public Schools, along with the Montana Office of Public Instruction, stand together to strive to build a safe environment and stop bullying in our schools. Contacting us when there may be an issue is the first step to prevention and support. If you have, or if someone you know has, been bullied or is being bullied, below is a form to begin the process that will allow BPS to begin to investigate the situation. We are here to help.
Only as a community can we identify and support those being bullied, redirect behavior, and change the attitudes of those who tolerate bullying.

Harassment and Bullying Form

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