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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thank you so for participating in our parent/teacher conferences on October 8th! We loved visiting with those of you who could meet. If you would like to check in with any of your student's teachers, please feel free to send them an email.

They would love to visit with you!

Albarez, Jody Tech Ed/flight Teacher
Arthur, Lori Attendance Clerk
Barron, Amy Lifescience Teacher
Bergthold, Wendi ELA Teacher
Bertagnolli, Jill Math Teacher
Borgstrom, Lisa English Teacher
Cox, Brandon Academic Success
Davis, Darci ELA Teacher
Dempsey, Megan Special Education Teacher
Goettlich, Harold Life Science Teacher
Goodheart, John Music Teacher
Groshans, Lyndi Social Studies Teacher
Janhunen, Renee ELA Teacher
Kirkman, Kevin Principal
Knutson, Crystal Counselor
Mayo, Riley Attendance AND Behavior Intervention & History
McClure, Emily Special Education Teacher
McDunn, Wendy Special Education Teacher
Nason, Shanna Math Teacher
Newby, Jessica Secretary III
Norby, Natasha Social Studies Teacher
Parish, Tiffany Counselor
Pehler, Jordan ART Teacher

Reaver, Nate Science Teacher
Ricker, Cynthia Special Education Teacher
Woog, Teri Secretary II
Sanders, Jill Math Teacher
Saur, Lisa Math Teacher
Schanz-Roe, Angela English Teacher
Sharp, Zachary Science Teacher
Sherman, Diana Read 180 Teacher
Smith, Julie Math Teacher
Soto, Grace Read 180 & Spanish Teacher
Spangle, Sarah Music Teacher
Talafuse, Nathan Associate Principal
Tognetti, Erin Health/PE Teacher
Wartnow, Jay Health Enhancement Teacher
Weber, Heather Math Teacher
Whitney, Debbie Social Studies/Dig it!/Computer Science Teacher
Wippert, Shannon Geography Teacher
Wohler, Nikki Science Teacher
Woodard, Karry Librarian