Jordan Pehler

Art 2-2D Art Fundamentals

In 2D Art Fundamentals, students expand their knowledge of Art. The Elements of Art will be reviewed, and the Principles of Art will be introduced. Students will explore:

  • Drawing and painting techniques using two media
  • Art history and critique
  • Art history and critique will be explored
  • And more

Art 3-3D Art Fundamentals

In 3D Art Fundamentals, students will expand their knowledge of art. Students will explore:

  • Sculptural techniques using three dimensional media
  • Study forms from different points of view
  • And more

Art 4-2D Advanced Art

Art 2 or 3 is required
This is an advanced art course for self-motivated students who want the opportunity to express themselves. Students will explore:
  • Composition
  • Technique
  • Elements and principles of design
  • Art History
  • And more

Computer Science

Jody Albarez

Computer Science 1

This course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as programming physical computing, HTML/CSS, and data. Students will explore:

  • Problem Solving with Computer Code
  • Website creation with HTML/CSS
  • Creation of Animation and Games

Computer Science 2

Computer Science 1 is a prerequisite
Following the skills learned in Computer Science 1 of HTML and a bit of CSS students will create a game in game lab and then their own app using the design process but implementing data. At the end of this course student use circuit playground and a maker toolkit to create. Students explore:
  • Animations and Games
  • The design process
  • Data and society
  • Physical computing

Dig IT

Debbie Whitney

Dig IT 1 (Digital Literacy) (6th Grade)

Semester Course on A or B Day

Being literate in the digital world goes beyond using devices for social media or watching videos. Digital literacy means having the skills, understanding, and knowledge to utilize a range of technology for varied purposes. The goals of the Dig IT course are to teach students digital literacy and prepare them for future success.  As a result of taking this course, students will be able to strategically evaluate digital content, collaborate in virtual spaces, connect globally, and efficiently produce an share original work. Work will be documented and shared with an authentic audience utilizing a digital format.

Key elements: Internet safety, relationship and communication etiquette, typing skills, effective searching and evaluation of sources, GAFE Suite, troubleshooting, online publishing, and digital storytelling

Essential requirements: 

  • A student must use digital tools and resources for problem solving and decision making.
  • A student must collaborate and communicate globally in a digital environment.
  • A student must apply digital tools and skills with creativity and innovation to express his/herself, construct knowledge and develop products and processes.
  • A student must possess a functional understanding of technology concepts and operations.


Dig IT 2 (7th/8th Grade)

Semester Course an A or B Day
This course will build on and apply the skills and knowledge of Dig IT 1, allowing for independent student interest-driven learning. Students will work collaboratively on projects while effectively using technology. Additionally, they will have increased skills for academic and career readiness.
Modules: Care of equipment and advanced troubleshooting, internet safety and typing review, digital portfolio, advanced GAFE Suite, global relationships and communication, copyright essentials, and video productions.


Deborah Seitz


Empower 1                                                             

This is a multifaceted course that helps students  explore many real life issues and skills. Students will explore:                                                                             

  • Managing Roles and Responsibilities
  • Consumer and Family Resources
  • Food Production and Consumer Science
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Textiles, Fashion and Apparel

Empower 2

This is a continuation of Empower 1 which helps students explore many real life issues and skills. Students will explore:

  • Topics like in Empower 1
  • Entrepreneurship


Jody Albarez

Flight 1

The exciting world of aerospace comes alive through Flight and Space. Students explore the science behind aeronautics and use their knowledge to design, build, and test an airfoil. Custom built simulation software allows students to experience space travel and explore:

  • Building and testing projects
  • What is required to travel, live and work in space
  • History of aerospace

Flight 2

Flight 1 is a prerequisite
This is continuation of Flight 1 and allows students to create and test their creations. Students can continue to explore:
  • Science behind aeronautics
  • Building and testing projects
  • What is required to travel, live and work in space
  • History of aerospace


Natasha Norby

Intensity is a movement-based course with an emphasis on fitness and lifetime activities. Students will explore:

  • Lifetime activities
  • Movement in physical education

Tech and Engineering 1

Melvin Mikkola

Tech and Engineering 1

Using formal and informal design students apply numerous academic concepts through practical activities. Students explore:

  • Woods Lab - machine safety
  • Measurement - understanding the metric and customary measurement systems
  • Design - Block puzzle creation
  • Practical Mathematics - Creating a Late Brake Aero Racer using measurement, applied mathematics, research and testing

Tech and Engineering 2

This is a continuation of Tech and Engineering 1 and is a culmination of computer design, wood fabrication, and production.

  • Aerodynamics - Understanding the underlying forces - Co2 Car design and racing
  • Intro to computer design - Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Design - Exploring raster and vector file types and creating laser engraved products


Grace Soto

Spanish 1

This fun interactive course is filled with diverse multimedia language activities. Students explore:

  • Introduction to Spanish

Spanish 2

Spanish 1 is a prerequisite, it may be taken in 8th grade. This is a continuation of Spanish 1