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Kate McAuliffe-Miller
​6th Grade


7th Grade Instructors

​John Amundson

Karissa Ketterling

English class involves a variety of language based activities designed to develop each student’s reading, writing, speaking, listening, and demonstration skills.  Literature includes both factual essays and fictional works (short stories, novels, poetry, and drama.)  Writing involves paragraphs of description, narration and exposition.  Individual expression is encouraged with acting, illustrating and 6-trait writing activities.

8th Grade Instructors

Allison Ferderer

Gina Palm

​Communication Arts provides an integrated approach to the development of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and visually representing. Students study a variety of literature such as short stories (including literary non-fiction), poetry, and novels. Writing activities emphasize expository paragraphs, poetry, and personal narratives. The Six-Trait Model is used as a basis for writing instruction and assessment.