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At this point, we have 190 students enrolled in our Summer Math Incentive Program at Ben Steele Middle School! Our hope is to keep students engaged in math activities this summer, so they are ready to hit the ground running in the fall. If you did not sign your child up in May, please email Jamie Nixdorf or Virg Hale, to enroll your student(s). This Parent Letter was mailed out in early June to all parents of enrolled students, so please read to learn more. 
This free online Math & English education is for all Montana Learners. Click here to visit the website or click the image below for more information. It's not too late to sign up, so please contact Jamie or Virg to let them know you would like your child to participate. An email will be sent to your child's email with username and password information, once they have been entered into the Montana EdReady database - Remember, this is free to all Montana learners!

Parents, please download and print the appropriate tracking sheet for your student, as they work through their goals this summer!


Enrollment Information

I would love to volunteer!

I Would Love to Volunteer at BSMS!

If you would like to volunteer at Ben Steele Middle School, please download, complete and return this form to Mr. Halligan or Mrs. Gray in the office!

BPS Volunteer Form

Tardy Policy

Ben Steele Tardy Policy

At Ben Steele, like all other schools in Billings, solid attendance is an expectation for all students, throughout the school year. When students miss class time, even for a short time, they miss valuable instructional time that is difficult to make up. Students who miss a lot of school tend to fall further and further behind their peers, and this can lead to greater problems in the future. Our goal is to work with all students and families to ensure that school attendance is a top priority, and when days have to be missed, we do all that we can to recover that missed teaching/learning time. The link below explains our school's tardy policy, and pertains specifically to students who are in the building every day, but struggle to make it to their scheduled classes, on time. We allow 5 minutes of passing time between each period, and that has proven to be plenty of time for students to get their materials and make it to class, on time. If students are excessively tardy, it is usually because they are not using their passing time wisely. Please let us know if you have any questions about our tardy policy. 

BSMS Tardy Policy