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Computer Science and Flight



Josh Haber


Flight (8th grade) ​​

The exciting world of aerospace comes alive through Flight and Space. Students explore the science behind aeronautics and use their knowledge to design, build, and test an air-foil. Custom-built simulation allows students to experience space travel. ​

Computer Science 1 
​(7th grade):

Students will discover the principles of this fast-growing field by focusing on creativity and an iterative design process as they create their own basic apps that rely on the concepts of event-driven programming, branching, and iteration, variables, and abstraction using MIT APP Inventor.  ​

Introduction to 
​Computer Science 2 
(7th grade)

* Computer 1 prerequisite
Students will continue to explore the fundamentals of the stimulating career path of computer science. They will venture into text programming through Python and, in the final problem, develop an app to crowd source and analyze data on a topic of their interest. ​