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Karla Ferguson
6th, 7th, 8th

ART 1   6th grade students will learn and create with 2D and 3D art projects using various materials. The lessons will include Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Printmaking and Ceramics. 

ART 2  7th Grade Art emphasizes 2D art only.  Students will learn and create using a variety of Drawing techniques with pen and pencil, Printmaking, Oil Pastel Painting, Collage and Photography.  

ART 3 8th Grade Students will work more extensively with 3D art projects such as Ceramics and Sculpture.  Canvas Painting, 3D Drawing and Clay Animation are introduced.  

All Art classes will include art history and cultural awareness in the arts.

ART SUPPLIES  Students must have their own ear buds from time to time, as well as bring a magazine, or an object from home when needed for special lessons.