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Middle School Sports - Start and End Dates

All middle school sports schedules can be found at the Activities link below. When you access the link, choose which school you are looking for, then the appropriate sport. Game times and days are subject to change, throughout the school year, so please stay in contact with your player's coach during each season. Activities registration can be completed in the school's main office. Please contact them at 601.1600 with any questions about participation. Sports physicals are required for all school sports, starting in middle school. 


Please remember that all sports seasons in middle school run approximately 8 weeks, with 2 weeks of practice and preparation and 6 weeks of competition. 

Participation in all sports at Ben Steele Middle School will depend on academics, attitude and behavior while in school. Students with missing/late work, or failing grades in any class, will not be allowed to participate in sports until work is completed and grades improve. 

  • Ben Steele Music Calendar -TBD
  • 2022 Softball schedule -TBD
  • 2022 Football Schedule -TBD
  • 2022 Cross Country Schedule-TBD