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About the Library

The library is open from 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. each day. 

Library Catalog

Library Expectations

1.     ENTERING THE LIBRARY - You are entering our classroom. Quietly move to your assigned work area. Be ready to work and be respectful to students and adults in the library. Be responsible users of materials and information.

2.     Come prepared. Bring the items you need to do the assignments your teacher requires. Have paper, pen or pencil, your Student ID etc. with you when you come in the library.

3.     You must have a student ID to check out library materials including, laptops, NOOKS, video cameras, etc.

4.     Respect and care for school property.

5.     NO FOOD in the library. Drinks with lids are permitted.

6.     Follow the Billings Public Schools Acceptable Use policy when using electronic equipment. Electronic equipment is to be used for educational purposes only. Any other use will be considered a violation of the Billings Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy.

7.     Use the eight-minute passing period to use the bathroom, get a drink, etc. before class. You will not be allowed to leave the library once class has begun.

8.     LEAVING THE LIBRARY - Remain seated with your class until the bell rings. Please push in your chairs and clean up around your area before you leave.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior
1.     Warning.

2.     Removal from computer or area where inappropriate behavior is displayed.

3.     Issues dealing with safety, disrespect and non-compliance will be immediately referred to the Dean.

About Your Librarians

Meet your Senior High Librarians!

Brooke Bloomenrader has been a librarian in the district for 12 years. Prior to working in SD2, she worked for MSU-B, as well as Prairie Middle School in Colorado. (Ella ensenaba Espanol!) Ms. Bloomenrader has been a member of Bronc Nation for ten years. In her free time she spends as much time with her two kids as she can, and enjoys anything outdoors!

Shaundel Krumheuer is in her 23rd year as a Bronc Nation teacher, teaching English for 10 years and serving as the Technology Integration Specialist and LMS for for the last nine years. She is one of the Magnum Opus advisors, and in her spare time is entertained by her two feral Golden Retrievers, Truman and Liberty.

Sasha Morvay is our 2023-2024 Library LTA. She's had lots of experience in BPS, working in many libraries throughout the district. She is working on her masters degree and will graduate in the spring! In her free time, Mrs. Morvay spends time with her family (when she's not doing homework!).