Health Enhancement

Chair: Kent Mattson
Phone: (406) 281-5540

HE/PE Department:
Mrs. Hammer
Mr. Haws
Mr. Mattson
Mrs. Maynard
Mr. Quesenberry
Mrs. Shulund
Mrs. Wagner
Mr. Weik

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.    
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Weight Training and Conditioning

Taking the class
1. Have a reason for taking the class

  • Start a good life long habit
  • Get stronger
  • Lose weight
  • Get in better shape
  • Sports

1.     Grades are a reflection of your attendance, completion of workouts, and effort toward your goal for taking the class

2.    Attendance

  •  10 day rule
  •  School activity doesn’t count
  • Crazy, but most common way fail
  • Following & completing the workout.
  • Effort, your goal should be to get to failure every workout

No Dress

  • You get one per semester
  • 2nd no dress drop grade one letter grade (Best grade possible: B)
  • 3rd no dress drop grade another letter grade (Best grade possible: C)
  • 4th no dress drop grade another letter grade (Best grade possible: D)

Game Day

  • Varsity only
  • Everybody dresses out, unless leaving that period.
  • Bring work or sit & mentally prepare

Nutrition & Rest

  • Water you should drink min 16 oz per period
  • Hydration is key to building muscle, Move all building blocks of muscles  (Body is 60% H2O)
  • Meals, Good Clean foods are best.
  • After class try to get some protein: rec 20 grams
  •      a. Turkey,  Fish, Cheese, Nuts, Peanut Butter & Milk
  • Breakfast most important meal of the day.
  •      a. Free breakfast for ALL students served in BSH cafeteria daily!

Participants using the Strength & Conditioning room are required to use the following rules:


  •   The use of foul language will not be permitted
  •   Proper weightlifting attire is required (shoes, shorts, shirts, etc.)
  •   Use proper spotting techniques
  •  Always use collars
  •   All equipment should be properly replaced after use
  •   Horseplay and other such behavior are not allowed in the weight room for any reason
  •   Foods and liquids, with the exception being water, are not allowed in this room
  •   Keep the weight area clear of all obstructions. Loose weights and other apparatus should be kept on racks
  •   Use only equipment and exercises that the instructor has permitted
  •   All bars should be stripped immediately after use

Dress Code

  •   Footwear – Shoes must be worn at all times. Sneakers, tennis, basketball, jogging shoes are permissible. Dress shoes, open toe shoes, flip flops, sandals,    and street shoes are not permissible. Shoelaces must be tied at all times to prevent slipping or tripping
  •  Lower Body Wear – Students are required to wear either athletic shorts or sweat pants. Jeans, cut-offs, and non-athletic shorts are not permissible
  • Upper Body Wear – Students are required to wear a t-shirt, with sleeves, or sweatshirt. No saying on shirts involving drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex or violence
  •  No hats or sunglasses
  •  Jewelry – Any items that may injure an athlete are not permitted

Participant Responsibilities

  •   Follow the strength and conditioning dress code
  •   Follow the strength and conditioning rules and regulations
  •   Report any and all injuries to the instructor
  •   Read the rules and regulations and sign the strength and conditioning agreement
  •   Check the weight loaded on both sides of the bar before each lift
  •   Use proper technique when lifting. If any questions arise, seek the instructor
  •   Follow the program directed
  •   Stay with the bar in the event of a missed repetition
  •   Report any equipment damage to an instructor

Spotter Responsibilities

  •   Load bar to desired weight
  •   Check both sides of the loaded bar to insure they are loaded equally
  •   Make sure the collars are on tight, so plates cannot slide
  •   Know and use the proper lift-off technique
  •   Know how many repetitions are to be lifted and count them
  •   Be alert and in proper spotting position
  •   Always use two hands while spotting or helping a lifter raise the bar
  •   Keep your hands off uprights. If the lifter suddenly decides to rack a bar, the spotter could be injured
  •   Be ready for the unexpected. That is when a spotter is truly needed
  •   Encourage the lifter
  •   Spotter must be equal to the task


Standard BPS district grading scale:
  F=59 and under

*** Minimum Requirement: under 10 days of absences, maximum 1 no-dress day
***Absences marked Unexcused, Truant, Suspension, or Sweep Room may result in a denial for 10-day appeals
***Over 10 days of (non-school-related) absences will result in failure of the class.