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Art Department:
Mrs. Goldammer
Mr. Harmon
Mrs. Jette
Mrs. Petersen
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Senior High Murals


Senior High Art Course Offerings

Art 1

Art 1:

In this class, you will work with drawing media such as graphite pencil, colored pencil, marker, pen and ink, creating the illusion of 3D form, contour line and value drawings. You will explore and use color theory. You will study perspective. Art 1 is a prerequisite for Ceramics 1 and Art 2.

Art 2

Art 2:

During Art 2 class, you will focus on the principles of design while continuing your study of drawing and painting. By successfully completing Art 1 and Art 2, you will be prepared for Drawing and Design. You do not have to have Art 2 before enrolling in Ceramics.

Drawing and Design

Drawing and design:

These skills define the fundamental skills of studying art. This class is required before the study of painting. Some of the materials and techniques you will work with are pen and ink, ink wash, color pencil, and scratchboard. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of drawing platforms including: perspective, cartooning, form analogy, and realistic representations of landscape and portrait work.



In this class you will work with a variety of materials, such as beads, leather, metal, wire, and fibers. You will learn the basics of metal working, including wire working, rivets, enameling, soldering, and stone setting. Some of your projects will be rings, necklaces, and earrings. Jewelry is wearable art that requires crafting and creativity.



This class introduces you to the basics of oil painting. You will learn how to mix oils and understand color theory through a variety of projects that will allow you to express your creativity. Emphasis will be placed on color theory and exploration. Students will work with a variety of projects and learn and experiment with many techniques. A range of subject matter will be explored, including: still life, landscape, figures, portraiture, nonobjective, and imaginative images.



Clay, glass, metal, wood, paper, and found objects--all of these can be used to create sculpture. You will have the opportunity to experiment with these materials while learning the sculpture techniques of casting, modeling, and carving and the use of armatures and forms.



In this class, you will have the opportunity to work with clay and glaze. You will learn the building of pinch, wheel, coil, and slab. You will also glaze and stain to finish your work. Some of your projects will be cups and bowls, carved animals, and coil vessels.



Students will study black and white photography. Emphasis is on darkroom developing of 35mm film and techniques for creating photo prints. In addition, students will learn how to manipulate and adjust digital images through the use of Photoshop.