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Platinum Program

The Platinum Program began at Senior High in the fall of 2010 as an opportunity for students to challenge themselves academically throughout their high school careers. 

Requirements for Platinum Program students include enrolling in all AP and honors courses throughout their four years in high school as well as completion of a Magnum Opus Capstone Project. This "Great Work" is an individual project designed entirely by each Platinum student to further his or her knowledge on a topic of choice.

Each spring, senior Platinum Program students present their Magnum Opus projects for adjudication. This evening allows the students a time to showcase their learning stretch and the staff and community a glimpse into the hard work of our Platinum students. 

Interested in being a part of the adjudication team? We would love to have you join us on April 5th for the Class of 2017 Platinum Program Adjudication! There is no prior experience needed, we provide you with everything you need that evening! Please take a moment to fill out our quick survey so we can contact you for adjudication. Thank you!