Career Center Course Catalog

List of Course Offerings

Jobs for Montana Graduates
Principles of the Biomedical Sciences
Human Body Systems
Medical Interventions
College Basic Human Biology
College Medical Terminology
Certified Nurse Assistant
Anatomy & Physiology Applied Medicine (Medical Careers)
College Emergency Medical Technician
First Year:  Electronics1/Electric 1, Electronics 2/Electric 2
Second Year:  Electrical Technician 1/Electronic Communication 1
Electrical Technician 2/Electronic Communication 2
Botany/Urban Agriculture
Introduction to Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources (AFNR)
Environmental Studies
Web Page 1 & 2/College Intro to Web Design & Programming
Animation Lab I & II
Graphics/ Print Photo
Design Advertising/Design Layout
Digital Photo/Digital Illustration
Exploring Visual Media
College Algebra (Math 121) College Technical Math Math
College Extended Technical Math
College Math For Healthcare
English 4 Technical Writing/College Writing English 4
College Writing 104 Workplace Communication/College COMX 106 Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace
AP Psychology
College American History
Technical Geometry/Geometry in Construction
Construction Fundamentals 1/Carpentry 1/Construction Technique 1
Construction Fundamentals 2/Carpentry 2/Construction Technique 2
Building Trades 1/House Building 1/Construction Technique 3
Building Trades 2/House Building 2/Construction Technique 4
Café Protégé
Home Design/Interior Design
Home Improvement/Design Improvement
College Introduction to Interior Design
Manufacturing Processing 1/Manufacturing Design 1
Manufacturing Processing 2/Manufacturing Design 2
Manufacturing Technology 1/Manufacturing System 1
Manufacturing Technology 2/Manufacturing System 2
College Welding 125/College Welding 157
Machinist Technology – Manual
CNC Machining Technology
CNC Machining Technology & Design
+Construction Fundamentals 1/+Carpentry 1/+Construction                                  Techniques 1
+Construction Fundamentals 2/+Carpentry 2/+Construction                                  Techniques 2
+Building Trades 1/+House Building 1/+Construction Technique 3
+Building Trades 2/+House Building 2/+Construction Technique 4
Auto Care
Auto Electric I & II/College Automotive Electrical
Brakes/College Automotive Brakes
Power Train
Suspension and Steering
Engine Fundamentals
Automatic Transmissions
Engine Performance                                                           
Early Child Physical/Intellectual Development
Early Child Fundamentals/Physical & Intellectual Development
Early Child Social/Emotional Development
Children & Careers/Early Child Social & Emotional Development
Elementary Internship, Fundamentals of Elementary Ed and Teaching Techniques
College EDU Human Growth & Development
PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design
PLTW Principles of Engineering
PLTW Aerospace Engineering
PLTW Digital Electronics
PLTW Civil Engineering & Architecture
PLTW Engineering Capstone
Transportation Internship
Independent Study
School To Career

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