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Take a Stand Against Bullying

Facts About Bullying:
​Bullying is being mean to another kid over and over again. Bullying often includes:
  • Teasing
  • Talking about hurting someone
  • Spreading rumors
  • Leaving kids out on purpose
  • Attacking someone by hitting, pushing, or shoving them
  • Yelling at someone or using name-calling
  • Taking or damaging someone else's possessions
Bullying does not always happen in person. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens online or through text messages or emails. It includes posting rumors on sites like Facebook, sharing embarrassing pictures or videos, and making fake profiles or websites.


What You Can Do If You're Bullied:
There are things you can do if you are being bullied:

  • Look at the kid bullying you and tell him or her to stop in a calm, clear voice. You can also try to laugh it off. This works best if joking is easy for you. It could catch the kid bullying you off guard.
  • If speaking up seems too hard or not safe, walk away and stay away. Don’t fight back. Find an adult to stop the bullying on the spot. They are there to help you!
  • Report the bullying to you parent, teacher, or principal. Don't worry about "tattling" or "snitching."

There are things you can do to stay safe in the future too:

  • Talk to an adult you trust. Don’t keep your feelings inside. Telling someone can help you feel less alone. They can help you make a plan to stop the bullying.
  • Stay away from places where bullying happens.
  • Stay near adults and other kids. Most bullying happens when adults aren’t around.

Stand Up for Others:
Stand Up for Others When you see bullying, there are safe things you can do to make it stop.

  • Talk to a parent, teacher, or another adult you trust. Adults need to know when bad things happen so they can help.
  • Be kind to the kid being bullied. Show them that you care by trying to include them. Sit with them at lunch or on the bus, talk to them at school, or invite them to do something. Just hanging out with them will help them know they aren’t alone.

Not saying anything could make it worse for everyone. The kid who is bullying will think it is ok to keep treating others that way.


Bullying Videos:
Watch these videos to learn how KB, Josh, Milton, and their friends deal with kids who bully. After watching each video, take a quiz to see how much you know about bullying.

Being the new girl at school isn’t easy for KB.

Melanie finds it hard to be friends with someone who bullies others.

Soccer tryouts don’t go well for KB because of Cassandra’s behavior on the field.

Mr. Bittner assigns new lab partners to help KB and Melanie.

Milton is bullied because he loves to play the tuba. 

KB doesn’t tell her mom about what is happening at school.

KB wants to quit soccer because she is afraid of being bullied.

New friends help Milton stand up to Brick.

Brick surprises Josh by complimenting him on a great race.

When Brick bullies Milton, Josh remembers when he was bullied.

Josh learns that kids who bully can change and Milton quits the tuba.

KB and Melanie learn the importance of real friends.

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Reporting Form

Incident Reporting Form
Download File

If you or someone you know is the victim of bullying, please fill out the Incident Reporting Form and turn it in to the office, or call (406) 281-6216 to make a verbal report.

​Orchard Elementary School is committed to making our school a safe and caring place for everyone.