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Safety Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,


This guide is to provide information about the safety and security of our school without giving
specific details so as not to compromise systems that are in place.


  • In the event of an emergency, there are emergency actions in place per district guidelines.

    • Every classroom has a plan in the event of an emergency, allowing all to respond accordingly.

    • These emergency actions are taught, practiced and reviewed throughout the year.

    • In addition to a building Crisis Team, there are Incident Command procedures that outline the
      roles for staff in the event of an emergency.

    • Parents/Visitors may access the building through the Main Entrance (Entrance 1) only.



  • Parents/Visitors are never permitted in the hallways during the school day. (8:00am-3:00pm).

    • Exceptions to this is if a teacher has arranged a meeting, guest speaker, etc.

  • If pre arranged to be in the classroom, staff will inform the office, then a parent/visitor will sign
    at the office and obtain a visitor’s badge. A student or staff must escort the parent/visitor to the
    classroom. It is never permitted to “drop by” a classroom to say “hello” or visit with a teacher.


Playground/School Grounds

  • The school grounds are closed to any non staff/student from 8:00am-3:00pm.

  • In order to keep the school grounds safe, parents/visitors are only permitted to use the Main
    Entrance to gain access to the school.

  • Parents/Visitors are not permitted on the playground (with exception to K-3 Pick Up) during the
    school day.

  • After dismissal, do not allow primary students to be on the school grounds or playground until
    4th and 5th grade students are dismissed. (3:00 M, T, Th, F//2:00 W)) Securing the grounds
    during school hours is a huge priority.

  • Parents/Visitors may not access the playground during recess at any time. Students and staff
    have been trained that this is not ok.

  • Please support the efforts that have been put in place to secure the school and grounds. This
    is for the safety and security of our students and entire school community. We appreciate your