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Broadwater Elementary School was originally built in 1909 for $28,000. It stood on the edge of town at that time. As one of the first large structure schools built in Billings, it stands as a marquee among the beautiful lamppost, tree-lined streets of the Broadwater area. Many generations of families have attended Broadwater School over its 110+ years of outstanding education. 

In 2015, the original building completed a remodel where additions were added to create the majestic school you see today. Broadwater has three floors of classrooms with full-media accommodations, a state of the art gym, cafeteria, a beautiful library. The school accommodates over 325 general and special education students, with 50 staff members.  As a Title I school, we offer programs for every academic level of students from Kindergarten - 5th Grade. The halls of our school feature original brick from 1909, original panel doors, wood floors, metal and oak stairs, and huge architectural wooden windows. The original "fire slide" is still in place as well, and is used during our annual Harvest Festival as one of the most popular "rides". 

Broadwater is an "all-walking" school. Sunshine, rain, or snow, students walk from the historic homes of the area, some riding their bikes, others scooters and a few ride skateboards. Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school, the PEAK program offers exercise, games and running events for over 75 of our students. Some students participate in our Honor Choir program, and others are part of the District Quest (Gifted and Talented) program. We also offer a speech pathologist, school counselor, school psychologist, and two members of the AWARE program.

Our detailed and conscientious custodians take great pride in the manicuring of the lawns, and in the care of our building. They spend hours and hours mowing, mopping, cleaning windows, buffing floors, and cleaning many bathrooms. We value our school, and expect our students and parents to be responsible, respectful and safe when they are on school property.

We have exceptional teachers and staff! Our principal and teachers are highly accredited educators, many with Master's degrees in education, and additional hours of certification and qualifications. As a result, Broadwater ranks #1 among its Title I peers in the Billings Public School District! We are very proud of our Broadwater Panther Team!

Broadwater School 1909

picture of Broadwater elementary in 1909