Archived Minutes


Meeting 4/10/2018

Called to order @ 7:09pm
New Business
Tears of Joy - Pay deposit for next years performance: Approved (7:11pm)
Spring Fundraiser - Change for Change...Kids w/Hairloss donation of hair from Carson (7:20pm)
Button Maker purchase? We will investigate cost and if other makers are possible to use rather than purchase (7:25pm)

Kristin - Staff Appreciation (7:28pm)

  • May 7th-11th: All 5 days
  • Breakfast Monday; Lunch T/W/Th; Pizza Friday

Travis's 10 (7:30pm)

  • Blocks - get them here for next school year
  • Big Guy BBQ @ Saturday Live? Need to examine IF okay to do at Sat. Live
  • Losing Title I Funds - discussing impact on our school for next year = 150,000 dollars in teachers

Penguin Patch contract cancelled (7:50pm)

Discussion of other nights with other businesses? Wendy's, Panda Express, Pizza Ranch coming... 
7:53pm Meeting Adjourned

Meeting 3/13/18

Call to Order @ 7:05
Welcome & Introductions
Principal's Report:

  • Reviewed Sealants for Smiles - over 50% of student body received sealants
  • Ever After Events kicked off our Read-A-Thon; all money due this week
  • Pictures taken and individual photos sent home
  • Last meeting approved Movie Night @ $500 - Niemeyer purchased licensing for the school for one year. This covers all studios except FOX. Cost was $491 total. Will PTA reimburse? Motion passed
  • 5th grade going to NAIA basketball tournament to cheer on Cumberland University 

Treasurer's Report = 7,205.73 in savings; 2606.23 in checking
Secretary Report
Unfinished Business:

  • Winter Carnival Review - $3,175.35 (-$225 profit to PTA) given to teachers; prompt action - thanks to Dawn! $387 profited from dinner donated by Famous Dave's; 
  • Spring Fundraiser - to discuss next time 

New Business:

  • Chairs - purchase 51+ per year over the next 3 years (150-170 chairs as goal at 2,400 dollars total) - - - Use spring fundraiser for chairs and garbage can (@ $500 out front). Motion passes
  • Miss O'Mara mini grant - add onto Pebble Go! Currently have Animals data base and would like Biographies. Can add people as history changes rather than buying specific persons. Motion passes
  • Properties being brought to field behind Sartorie Farms between them and Medicine Crow Middle School. Zoned for single family homes and builder is trying to get it REzoned to put multiple homes. To voice concerns and be a part of the process, attend the meeting on Tuesday, March 27th @ 9:45am in room 403 at the County Courthouse.


Call to order @ 7:01pm
Welcome and Introductions
Principal's Report (7:05-7:30pm)

  • Ambassador Presentation: Movie Night
  • The Amazing Shake 2018
  • Title I Reading Night (reflections) - one of the best we've had; too late in the year (holidays); need to build hype
  • Title I Math Night: Ideas and input - create K/1; 2/3; 4/5 lessons on foundations/progressions; future concepts taught
  • Subway for Spirit Cups - need new check

Treasurer's Report - waiting for checks to clear
Secretary Report - 
Unfinished Business 

  • Penguin Patch: not an event for profit. Revamping for next year to purchase products and keep it affordable for families.

New Business

  • Winter Carnival (7:30, shed conversation, 7:55pm)
  • Spring Fundraiser (tabled for next meeting)
  • Shed for PTA (7:48pm)

Announcements (7:03pm)

  • Heights task force meeting Jan. 25th @ Medicine Crow (proposed housing project at Barrett and Hawthorne) from 7-10pm
  • Internet safety meeting @ Eagle Cliffs Jan. 25 from 6:30-8:30pm

Teacher Grants 

  • Ambassadors for 500 dollars for movie night (7:05pm)
  • Spelling bee - 95 dollars for dictionary and gift cards (8pm)


Monster Mash


Come this Thursday, October 26th, from 5:30-7:30pm, in your COSTUME to trick-or-treat around the school. We will have a craft to do, pumpkins, and a snack. This is a really fun family event! AND FREE! We hope to see you there!

PTA Meeting: 10/10/17

Called to order 7:06pm

Welcome and Introductions 7:09pm
Approval of September minutes: Richmond motioned, Kaufman 2nd - passed 7:11pm
Treasurer's Report: $5431.53 in checking; $2605.30 in savings
Unfinished Business 7:13pm:

  • Saturday Live: $599 came in, spent 95.96 in prizes. Purchase of a canopy for future events was motioned by Niemeyer, Kaufman 2nd - passed; Need 150 punch balls for next year
  • Trees: $550 for 3 trees passed at last meeting however we need them planted for an additional $150 - Kaufman motioned, Stevenson 2nd - passed
  • House Shirts: New shirts for those grown out of them - we will make them available for purchase
  • Fall fundraiser: Niemeyer chairing - also part of Principal's Report: Kaufman, Theresa, Morgan, and Chase will help

Principal's Report @ 7:35pm

  • Concerns about Fall Fundraiser efforts with NFL issues right now.
  • Title I paperwork will go out at conferences

New Business 7:43

  • Final Monster Mash: Thursday, Oct. 26 from 5:30-7:30pm; Niemeyer get MSUB Baseball to help; Fuzzy magnets for decorating, cookie and water 7:49
  • Penguin Patch - discussion to get out of contract 7:53pm
  • Winter Carnival - tabled
  • Book Fair - Nov. 1/2/3 during conferences

Box Tops Due 10/26/17 - no more soup labels
Amazon Smile - Kaufman getting info and will look into it
Year Book - student driven, Kaufman leading
Stevenson asked for PTA GRANT for refrigerator (approx $350) in staff lounge @ 8:05pm - voted/passed
Moore asked for PTA GRANT (presented by Richmond) for $100 Spotify - voted/passed @ 8:10
3rd grade asked for PTA GRANT for Scholastic News - voted/passed
​8:12pm Adjourned 

What is Beartooth PTA?

The PTA at Beartooth Elementary is an active and supportive group.  PTA is so much more than meetings and fundraising.  PTA brings families together and helps Beartooth Elementary offer every child a great educational experience.  PTA is a great place to meet new friends, participate in the future of Beartooth School and contribute to your child's learning environment.  The list below provides a view of some ways Beartooth PTA has contributed to your child's school:

  • Buses for field trips
  • Family Fun Night supplies
  • Field Day sponsorship
  • Pastries for Parents
  • Prizes for Saturday Live and Winter Carnival
  • XBoxes for the gym
  • Monster Mash
  • Computers for computer labs
  • Santa's Workshop
  • School grounds enhancement
  • Sixth grade graduation
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Teacher Grants
  • Tears of Joy Theater Company
  • Venture into Schools

PTA Officers

Our goal is to enhance your children's elementary school experience. Plus, it is fun for us adults, as well! Just talk to any of our volunteers to see how you can get involved.  

PRESIDENT              Amanda Waleri
VICE PRESIDENT     Darla Stone
SECRETARY             Jennifer Guidry
TREASURERS          Theresa Long

PTA Events

Every month we will have PTA meeting on the  2nd Tuesday at 7:00pm.


Teacher Grant Application

Teachers, download the PTA grant application here.  Remember, you must be a PTA member to apply for a grant.  The PTA requests that you present your request in person at a monthly PTA meeting.


Making every child's potential a reality.

The PTA is:

  • A powerful voice for all children
  • A relevant resource for families and communities, and
  • A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child

Collaboration: We work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to accomplish our agreed upon goals.
Commitment: We are dedicated to promoting children's health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement.
Accountability: We acknowledge our obligation. We deliver on our promises.
Respect: We value our colleagues and ourselves. We expect the same high quality of effort and thought from ourselves as we do from others.
Inclusivity: We invite the stranger and welcome the newcomer. We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible.
Integrity: We act consistently with our beliefs. When we err, we acknowledge the mistake and seek to make amends.

Meeting Minutes 8/14/2018

7:06 Call to order
7:07 Introductions of Board and those in attendance
7:08 Melissa Henderson from Safe Routes to Schools presentation

  • Key benefits: reduce injury, health, personal development
  • After 20 minutes of physical activity - brain mapping shows brains firing, active, and ready to learn
  • Parent parking is difficult; parents do not follow expected procedures for student safety - using crosswalk, parking in designated/proper areas, adhering to school requests.
  • Ideas - walk/bike to school incentives; notifications for parents (through iPad app, volunteer, and scanner tags)
  • Public Works - will allow painting of crosswalks; Dave Mumford can be contacted
    • Way-finding signage

7:23 Travis's 10

  1. We are a "Non-Funded" Title I school - losing 3 staff members that impact kids every day
  2. Looking for ways to fund our House system and Professional Development for staff to attend the Ron Clark Academy initiatives.
  3. PTA discussed the SUV Raffle Tickets - on sale until October 24th to fund PD for teachers. Possible PTA vs. Teachers

7:33 PTA Items

  • Night at the Oasis - Parents can check out the above mentioned raffle tickets to sell for $10 each - of which $6 goes to school
  • Back to School BASH! (7:40pm)
    • PTA presence in Kindergarten & out front during 
  • Budget - PTA will meet at 8:30 on August 23rd here at the school to review and plan a budget for next year.
  • Saturday Live - Stone put together teacher volunteer
    • PTA Board Members share the day (2 members run morning, 2 others in afternoon session)
  • Benches outside the gym - PTA would like to fund the lumber/parts: Jennifer motioned, Theresa second, call to vote=passed unanimously

​Meeting adjourned @ 7:52pm