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​Arrowhead’s PTA has partnered with Fresh Schools to bring you an online directory and smartphone app. This has been a valuable tool the past few years as a line of direct communication with the teachers, a way for the school to give us updates and let people know what is happening here at Arrowhead.  Those of you who are already registered, good news! You do not have to re-register, you are all set to go.

Those families that are new to Arrowhead, or perhaps missed signing up last year, you can register at this link.

This will be a two-part process. Once you click the link and submit your e-mail address and student’s name, your information will be sent to an administrator to be vetted to ensure you are legitimately affiliated with Arrowhead. This is to help ensure only valid users have access to the directory. Once this has been determined, you will receive an e- mail to complete the registration process. What information you choose to have shown is up to you; you can share with the entire school or just your child’s classroom.
From the Fresh Schools site or app, you are able to access and print your own school directory, register for the PTA (quick and easy and helps the kiddos), find upcoming school events, and sign up to volunteer! 


2510 38th Street West
​Billings, MT 59102

Start Time: 
8:15 A.M.

Dismissal Time: 
2:15 P.M. (K-3rd)
3:00 P.M. (4th-5th)


Pam Meier

School: 281-6413

Teri Derrig

Secretary III
School: 281-6201


stand with us against bullying

Bullying harms many people in many ways. Billings Public Schools, along with the Montana Office of Public Instruction, stand together to strive to build a safe environment and stop bullying in our schools. Contacting us when there may be an issue is the first step to prevention and support. If you have, or if someone you know has, been bullied or is being bullied, below is a form to begin the process that will allow BPS to begin to investigate the situation. We are here to help.
Only as a community can we identify and support those being bullied, redirect behavior, and change the attitudes of those who tolerate bullying. Report it here.