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Elementary Schools

There are twenty-two elementary schools with grades K-5 in Billings Public Schools. The schools are laid out across the city from the Heights, to the West End, and the South Side.

Each elementary school is staffed with a dedicated principal, highly-qualified teachers, and support staff including secretaries, counselors, and school nurses. At the elementary level students take classes in reading, language, spelling, math, science, social studies, health enhancement, music, art, and library. To learn more about an individual school, please visit the school pages below.



Elementary Websites

Walking School Bus

What is a Walking School Bus (WSB)?

A WSB is a fun, safe, and active way for students to get to school on time and ready to learn! Students
walk with trained adult volunteers, called Route Leaders, along a recommended route to school.
Students can join in the WSB at pre-determined stops and times along the route, and will learn
important pedestrian safety behaviors along the way.

A WSB Coordinator will make sure the program runs smoothly, by training and scheduling volunteers,
and communicating with volunteers, parents, and guardians along the way.
When does the WSB run?
The WSB runs every morning during the school year and will follow the school calendar, operating on
any days the school is in session. In the event of severe weather and an unexpected WSB cancellation,
the school or WSB Coordinator will contact volunteers and student families.
Additional Details:
  • Must complete background check and volunteer training
  • Must like working with kids and be able to work outdoors in various weather


Community and Mental Health Resources for Billings Public Schools


Sodexo Meal Services for Billings Public Schools


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The Bus App


Elementary Schools Contact Information and Bell Schedules