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Professional Development


Remember that OPI Renewal does not equate to PIR trade or Step-Up. For school year 2018-2019 there will not be PIR trade because the MEA convention will be held in Billings. 


OPI Renewal

Office of Public Instruction Courses are accepted for many things, specifically certificate renewal. Our Billings Schools approved provider is Adult Education. If you are attending a course or conference that is not from an approved Montana provider, you can fill out the "Receive OPI Approval" form below.



pre-Step-Up credit is used to move across the salary schedule on the collectively bargained agreement. To earn, ensure you fill out your credit approval request prior to the course start date. The route of your request is building administrator and then human resources. If a course is not approved and you disagree with the decision, contact your union representatives or the PDAAC committee. To see courses that are approved please click on "even more" below. Courses that aren't on this list will most likely still work. 


Instructor Course Approval Information and Forms

Thank you for offering courses to our educators at Billings Public Schools. As a facilitator of courses in BPS the first thing to do is get OPI approval from our Adult Education Center, unless you are a provider through Montana Office of Public Instruction. Courses can be offered for both OPI renewal but BPS Step-Up criteria has other parameters. Again, thank you for offering training for your peers.