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Professional Development

Trade Credit

Per contract, every staff member needs to earn 18 hours of trade credit on the years MFPE is not hosted in Billings. The new trade site is called Midas.

Trade Site (Midas)

Step Up Credit

Step-up credit is used to move across lanes in the collective bargained agreement. Get approval before starting any course. 

Credit Approval Request Site


Step-Up credit is used to move across the salary schedule on the collectively bargained agreement. To earn credit, ensure you fill out the credit approval request prior to the course start date. The route of your request is building administrator and then human resources. If a course is not approved and you disagree with the decision, professionally contact your union representatives or the PDAAC committee. 

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Our current contract states that each 1.0 FTE certified staff member needs to earn 18 hours of trade credit on the years that MFPE is not hosted in Billings. The dates to earn credit start the first day of summer break and end May 1st. If a course is not located on Midas a special request must completed prior to the course starting. Montana Educator conferences are always accepted. Check out the PIR FAQ for common questions. 

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OPI Renewal

Office of Public Instruction Courses are accepted for many things, specifically certificate renewal. Our Billings Schools approved provider is Adult Education. If you are attending a course or conference that is not from an approved Montana provider, please contact Maria Weidich in Adult Education.

If you are a teacher in BPS and need to request OPI renewal units for a course that is not offered on Midas or through another approved Montana provider, you can utilize this Participant-OPI Outside Course Approval Request document. There is no guarantee that these OPI units will work for trade or step up. 

OPI Outside Course Approval Request

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MORE RESOURCES To learn about BPS Credit:

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