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Welcome to the Indian Education Department for Billings Public Schools!

We are dedicated to honor and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of our Native American students, the Indian Education Department is a hub of resources, support, and community engagement. At Billings Public Schools, we recognize the importance of providing an educational experience that is both academically enriching and culturally empowering for our Indigenous students.

Our Indian Education Department is committed to bridging cultural understanding and promoting a curriculum that reflects the diversity and contributions of Native American communities. With our website as a central hub, we aim to strengthen communication, provide resources, and cultivate a sense of belonging among our Native American students.

Thank you for visiting. Together, we're nurturing educational experiences that honor tradition while preparing our students for a successful future. Please follow the link below to find more information about our program:



Calli Rusche-Nicholson
Director of Indian Education
Main Office: 406-281-5071


picture of children in native dress lining up for a parade

Children wearing traditional dress at the Pondarosa Elementary