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Facility Rentals

We strive to allow select areas in each of our buildings be accessible to the public within a structured rental process.


In order for any member of the general public or any employee of School District #2 to secure a School District #2 facility for a non-school district function, they must proceed through the following process:

  1. Check out the Requirements ie insurance etc.
  2. Check out the User Responsibilities (as a renter you are responsible for knowing what is expected of you)
  3. Click the Rent Here button to begin your search.

Once you have registered and found a facility you are interested in, submit the request.  Once a request has been submitted the following will happen:

  1.  The request will go to the appropriate people for approval
  2. Once approved and priced you will be sent an email letting you know it has been approved.        - If your event has been denied you will also get an email letting you know that it was denied.    - If it is denied you may alter your event by changing times or changing the facility.                                    
  3. When you get the approval email you must log into your event, enter your payment information, upload your Certificate of Liability insurance and confirm the agreement.   
  4. If this is your first rental of the year you will be required to meet with the principal or the principal designee to go over the User Responsibilities for that building. 
  5. If your Certificate of Liability insurance is not uploaded at least 3 days prior to your event it will be canceled. 
  6. Should it become necessary for you to cancel your event you must give at least a 24 hour’s notice.  If a 24 hour notice is not given you may be charged the full rental fee. 


- Person(s) responsible will meet with the school principal or the person assigned by the principal to review all school related needs and to be trained in the necessary security/building procedures. 

- Please respect school activities that are in progress wait for activity to end before entering the space.

- It is the responsibility of the person(s) in charge to communicate all building rules and off-limit areas to all participants of their program.

- Group will be responsible for starting and ending your event at the times as designated on the contract. No early starts or late finishes.

- Never prop doors open. 

- No food or drink other than water allowed in gyms unless specific authorization has been given based on the event.

- Group will make sure that all areas of use, including gyms, bathrooms, etc. are clean and ready for next use.

- SD2 has limited equipment available for rent. Users must check on Facility Rental site for availability per building and must be prepared to supply their own major equipment.

- All school equipment that has been borrowed or rented by the user must be properly collected and stored as per building regulations.  Please do not take gym equipment, balls etc. outside of the gym area.

- Prior to closing the building, users will assure that all participants have left the building safely.

- Users or supervisor will make sure all doors are closed, locked and all lights are off when leaving the building.

- Person(s) responsible will never leave kids at the building unsupervised.

- Users or supervisor will make sure all alarms are set, if required to do so.

- The use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco is strictly prohibited on all school district property.  Alcoholic beverages and narcotics shall not be permitted in the school facilities or on school property at any time.      

- All users of school facilities shall hold the district free and without harm from any loss, damage may arise during, or be caused in any way, by such use or occupancy of school facilities.

- If any damage has been done to the facility, i.e. a window gets broken, users will submit a report, in writing to the principal as soon as possible. Users are responsible for all costs associated with the damage.

- Building Code and Key Agreement – The following requirements:
          • Building codes or keys will not be given out to other people who are either not event                       supervisors or not associated with the event group.
          • A $200.00 deposit will be collected/authorized if a school key is checked out.
          • Codes or keys will not used at any time other than the contracted event times.

- User agrees to the above rules and regulations. Failure to abide by and these requirements could result in the loss of the privilege.


*Approval of activity, space and time(s).

*Agreement on the facility use fees

*Certificate of Liability 
The district requires groups to supply documented proof of liability insurance coverage with the district as a named insured in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence / $2,000,000 annual aggregate.

*Confirmation of agreement 
The agreement contains event specifics, dates, times, rules and regulations along with payment information.  The agreement must be confirmed before your event may take place.  If the event is not confirmed at least 3 days prior to the event, it will be canceled. 

*$200 deposit for any key or code given for building entrance

Q & A's

What happens after I submit my application?

Once your application is submitted, it will go to the school for approval by administrators. You will receive an email notification when the agreement is ready for your confirmation. You will need to supply the required insurance, payment information & accept the agreement before your event will be finalized. 

What if my requested space/date/time is not available?

The event will be denied and you will need to resubmit for a different date, hours or location. 

How do I know what my rental fee will be?

The superintendent or designee shall determine a fee schedule applicable for the use of school facilities. For rental rate purposes, all events have been divided into four categories:

District Events - No fees will be assessed for District/School activities, nor for use as district, county, state or national election voting locations, however these groups must still abide by the guidelines set forth.  ie following BPS rules and regulations and providing proper liability insurance.

Hourly Rental – Duration of one to two hours. Charged an inclusive hourly rate. Do not require equipment or setup.

Half Day Rental (any rental that is 3 to 4 hours) – Duration of three to four hours. May require supervision, self-clean.

Full Day Rental (any rental that is over 4 hours) – Duration of five or more hours.  Rate certain extra equipment and event supervisor.  
Multi-day events will be handled on a case by case basis and need to be coordinated with the District representative.

How do I pay for my rental?

You can pay online via credit/debit card or ACH withdrawl.

Anything else I need to know?

Please be specific with the times/dates that you need the space - if you need extra time for set up/clean up make sure you indicate that when making your reservation.  If you need the space for an ongoing event you must reserve it for each day (there is a box to check for on going events) 

Please review the Renter Responsibilities under the information tab.

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