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1470 Industrial Ave
​Billings, MT 59101


Director of Athletics and Activities 
Mark Wahl
Activities Main Office: 
Joni Bertsch
Phone: (406) 281-5074
Activities Main Office: 
​Lisa Stauduhar
Phone: (406) 281-5073

Activities Main Office:
Kelly Sharp
Phone: (406) 281-5100

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Middle School Activity Calendars

High School Activity Calendars

Student Accident Insurance

Billings Public Schools has purchased a student accident insurance policy from Hartford Insurance for the 2019/2020 school year. Coverage includes all Billings Public Schools students involved in school sponsored and supervised activities. That would include things like recess, injuries occurring in the classroom, hallway, gym, etc, as well as the athletics. It would also include after school events as long as they are school sponsored and supervised. Maximum coverage is $25,000. To see coverage, click below.
If you have any questions regarding the district's insurance coverage or claims please contact Kham Moua at 281-5116


Billings Public Schools Apparel

Billings Public Schools Online Apparel Store

Click on the link above to order apparel with the Billings Public Schools logo (no individual school logos available here)


 2021-2022 Physicals

The MHSA requires all students in grades 6 - 12 who participate in school sports to have a physical every year.  The physical must be performed after May 1st for the following school year.  This physical form should be printed, filled out and taken to the appointment.  Please turn this form in to your school office after completion.  Both parent/guardian and student must sign the form for it to be valid.

Please click below for info on sports physicals offered by Billings Clinic

Billings Clinic sports physicals 2021 

Please click below for info on sports physicals offered by the Children's Clinc

Children's Clinic sports physicals 2021

Please click below for info on sports physicals offered by Mountal Land Physical Therapy on July 20th

Mountain Land Physical Therapy Sports Physicals 2021

Please click below for info on sports physicals offerd by AMP


  You may get a sports physical at any health care provider you choose but the examination must be certified by a licensed medical professional acting within the scope and limitations of his/her practice.   Please note:  Physical exams must be completed prior to the first practice.  Completed forms should be turned in to the school where they will be participating/attending.



Athletics Calendar

Activity Passes

Non-Athletic Extra Curricular Activities

Student Activity Forms

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