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School Health Advisory Committee

The School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a subcommittee of School District 2 focused on establishing a culture of wellness for students. SHAC is committed to promoting school environments that positively influence student health and well-being. Influencing students to lead healthy and productive lives is likely to be most effective when schools, the community and parents work together. SHAC is comprised of members representing community organizations, School District 2, parents and students. Meetings are held in the Lincoln Center every other month on the second Tuesday from 4-5pm. For more information on the School Health Advisory Committee, contact Chair Brittany Gage,

Committee Pillar Groups:
The School Health Advisory Committee is structured with four pillar groups. The pillar groups
meet every other month opposite the full SHAC meetings. These groups help to advise on areas
within the school district wellness policy found here.

Nutrition Pillar:
The nutrition pillar focuses on creating a healthy food environment. Current initiatives are
focused on reducing sugars. The pillar has helped to provide technical assistance and
education related to implementation of the USDA’s Smart Snacks in Schools. These standards
focus on ensuring foods sold in schools are more nutritious, including whole grains, fruits,
vegetables, proteins, key nutrients, lower fats, sugars, sodium and calories.

Physical Activity Pillar:
The physical activity pillar is focused on creating opportunities for movement and activity
throughout the school day. Current initiatives are focused on walking and biking to school.

General Wellbeing Pillar:
The wellbeing pillar is focused on creating an environment for student flourishing. Current
initiatives are focused on assessing current initiatives across the school district focused on

Communications Pillar:
The communications pillar is focused on increasing awareness and engagement with health
initiatives across School District 2 and in the community. Current initiatives are focused on
developing messaging for key audiences including community, parents, students, teachers and


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