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What can Adult and Community Education Do for You?

Adult Education classes are FREE and available to those 16 years old or older, who are not currently enrolled in high school.  We offer high school equivalency test preparation, college and career planning, college and career preparation, and English Language Acquisition (ELA) classes.  Our instructors are certified teachers and instruction is personalized and self-paced in learning environments that are safe and comfortable.  Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are available.  Call 281-5005 or come to Room 108 at the Lincoln Center for more information about Adult Education.

Community Education is Career Advancement operating within Billings Adult Education. Our goal is to provide quality career and job skills training emphasizing skills certification. We prepare you for nationally or state recognized exam certification. We strive to avoid high costs, additional fees, and any extra or unnecessary courses.

Life is more enjoyable when your career advances.
We offer self-paced classes, individualized instruction and flexible scheduling. We have evening and daytime classes.