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Career Advancement


  • Certified performance competencies using national exam credentials
  • Current materials & equipment relevant to current career advancement needs


  • Option to test out for verifiable skills acquired via previous education and/or experience
  • Flexible scheduling – open learning labs, morning, afternoon, evening classes
  • Option of accelerating your learning with extra time and effort.

More Economical

  • Option to test out
  • Pay for one class, but earn more than one course completion by spending extra time in labs
  • No extra courses or hidden fees for unneeded services
  • No cost English, math, and computer literacy skills classes provided as needed

We are Career Advancement operating within Billings Adult Education. Our goal is to provide quality career and job skills training emphasizing skills certification. We prepare you for nationally or state recognized exam certification. We strive to avoid high costs, additional fees, and any extra or unnecessary courses. We intend to be lean. We’re motivated to provide real service to the economic community working in partnership with Billings Public Schools. Billings Adult Education Career Advancement alleviates the costly bureaucracy and high overhead by leveraging resources as a non-profit educational partner. This means lower prices for our students. We focus on entry-level careers providing upward mobility. It gives you the background to step up and across within your career field. Our programs use current computer & media technology for information delivery. Our teaching staff adds meaning and relevance to the learning content. Their job is to assist with goal setting, advise students, coach you through the more difficult learning challenges, prepare you to market your new skills, and to inform about job realities not mentioned in the textbooks.

Personal Enrichment

Certification Process for Community Education Students

Community Education offers a variety of Personal Enrichment classes as we continue to strive to offer classes our community will enjoy. Courses offered vary from session to session.  See our brochure for complete listing.


Certification Process for Community Education Students:

Billings Community Education offers a variety of certificate programs. Many of these programs fulfill the necessary requirements for the student to complete the national certification in their field of study.  Our programs consist of a series of courses to enable the student to be a well-rounded employee in their chosen certificate program.  Some of these courses will be to demonstrate proficiency in business math and business English, computer skills,and communication skills. Students are tested to meet standards  required for successful employment and have the opportunity to test out if they can demonstrate the required skills.  If you are interested in getting set up as a certificate student, please call Barb at 281-5003 or go to Lincoln Room 107 for more information.
The certificates and the courses needed to complete them are also listed on the website.


















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