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Billings Public Schools serves the Billings community from the west end to the heights and everywhere in between. Billings Public Schools thanks our community and partners for continuously supporting our schools and our students. If you'd like to find out more ways you can help, download the Volunteer application below or contact one of our schools. 

Volunteer Information

Would you like to volunteer your time to help Billings Public Schools? Complete the form below and submit it to the home school principal where you wish to volunteer. We appreciate your support!

For Coach Volunteer Both forms must be completed.



2023-2024 School Calendar Survey


Given the high average daily temperatures in August and the lack of air conditioning in many of our schools, the BPS Board of Trustees is seeking community input regarding our 2023-24calendar options to assist in decision-making.

Please review the two calendar options under consideration.

The calendars are identical except for start and end dates, and both allow for graduation to remain at the Metra.Please see the SD2 Calendar FAQ, for more information regarding graduation and other constraints impacting our school calendar. 



Survey link:



Community and Mental Health Resources for Billings Public Schools
Sodexo Meal Services for Billings Public Schools