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School Board

Trustee Election 

Annual School Trustee Election May 3, 2022, for Single Member District #3 (Northern Billings), District #4

(Central Billings), District #5 (Central-West Billings), and District #7 (West Billings)

View maps of the districts at the following Yellowstone Election Website link:

Election Candidates: Yellowstone County Schools

Notice of Election


School Board Members

Janna Hafer
May 2023
District #2


Russell Hall
May 2023
High School District B
Jennifer Hoffman
May 2024
High School District A
Mike Leo
May 2024
District #6


Tanya Ludwig
May 2023
District #1
Scott McCulloch
May 2022
District #5


Greta Besch Moen Ph.D
May 2022
District #3
Zack Terakedis
May 2022
District #4
Greg Upham
Brian Yates
May 2022
District #7


Dr. Greta Besch Moen                   Chair
Brian Yates                                     Vice-Chair
Greg Upham                                   Superintendent
Craig Van Nice                               Clerk