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School Board

Trustee Election

Annual School Trustee Election May 4, 2021, for Single Member District #4 (Central Billings), #6 (Northwest Billings) and High School District A (Elementary feeder Districts - Except Lockwood)  See Trustee Maps

  • Filing date starts December 10, 2020.

  • Closing date is March 25, 2021.

  • Candidates must be a resident in their respective district for one full year to qualify.

  • Filing Packets may be picked up at the Lincoln Center, 415 North 30th Street, Room 210 or at the Yellowstone County Courthouse Election Office.

  • Packets must be returned to Billings Public Schools Clerk, Craig VanNice, 415 North 30th Street,  Room 210,  by March 25, 2021.

View maps of the districts at the following Yellowstone Election Website link:

School Board Members

Janna Hafer
May 2023
District #2


Russell Hall
May 2023
High School District B
Jennifer Hoffman
May 2021
District A
Mike Leo
May 2021
District #6


Tanya Ludwig
May 2023
District #1
Scott McCulloch
May 2022
District #5


Greta Besch Moen Ph.D
May 2022
District #3
Joseph Raffiani
May 2021
District #4
Greg Upham
Brian Yates
May 2022
District #7


Dr. Greta Besch Moen                   Chair
Joseph M. Raffiani                         Vice-Chair
Greg Upham                                   Superintendent
Craig Van Nice                               Clerk