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Strategic Plan

The Billings Public Schools 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is the result of months of work by parents, students, educators, community members and the Board of Trustees. As such, our strategic plan is grounded in mutual commitment and expectations for all stakeholders in support of our students.

We recognize that when we all work together to implement the elements of our strategic plan the results will be closing the achievement gap between students, increasing graduation rates and preparing our students for career, college and life in an ever- changing world.



GOAL: Optimize learning for each student through rigorous, engaging, diverse and equitable opportunities

OBJECTIVE 1: Improve achievement for all students through an articulated and challenging curriculum that is aligned with standards and meets the needs of individual students 

OBJECTIVE 2: Improve graduation rates for all students 

OBJECTIVE 3: Measure student progress and growth through multiple formal and informal assessments that are aligned with standards 


GOAL: Establish and maintain an excellent, diverse  and well-trained staff, supported by professional development that reflects student need

OBJECTIVE 1: Ensure effective leadership 

OBJECTIVE 2: Expect high performance and accountability from staff

OBJECTIVE 3: Enhance quality workforce recruitment and  hiring process and initial exposure to District 


GOAL: Maximize efficient and transparent allocation of resources to support student achievement

OBJECTIVE 1: Standardize and prioritize the use of district resources in a way that is transparent to all stakeholders

OBJECTIVE 2: Develop a systematic and sustainable plan that allocates resources to accomplish the goals of the district


GOAL: Develop, maintain and enhance efficient facilities that    promote a safe and healthy instructional environment

OBJECTIVE 1: Address deferred maintenance at all high schools, elementary schools and support facilities 

OBJECTIVE 2: Maintain community investments by  monitoring and maintaining energy efficient, safe and healthy learning environments and facilities 

OBJECTIVE 3: Promote public use of District facilities


GOAL: Engage our community, maximize community investment and meaningful collaboration to enhance student learning

OBJECTIVE 1: Strengthen communication between schools, parents and the community 

OBJECTIVE 2: Increase parent and family engagement and involvement in school activities and student learning