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3000: Students


       3141-P1: Discretionary Nonresident Student Attendance Procedure
3145: Foreign Exchange Students
      3145-P1: Foreign Exchange Students
3150: Part-Time Attendance
      3150-P1: Part-Time Student Enrollment
3200: Student Rights and Responsibilities  
     3200-P1: Student Due Process Rights and Responsibilities
3201: Student Freedom of Expression
3202: Student Publications
3203: Student Dress
      3203-P1: Student Dress-Gang Activity or Association
3204: Searches and Seizure
      3204-P1: Searches of Students and Their Property
      3204-P2: Video Surveillance
      3204-P3: Video Surveillance-School Buses/Vehicles
3205: District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks
      3205-P1: District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks for Students
3210: Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
      3210-F1: Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Incident Reporting Form
3220: Equal Educational Opportunity
3230: Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment
3235: Student Drug and Chemical Use and Abuse
      3235-F1: Activities Participation Agreement
3240: Tobacco Free Schools
3250: Gun-Free Schools
3255: Bomb Threats and Threats of Hazardous Substances
3300: Student Discipline: Consequences for Violations of Student Code of Conduct
3350: Student Discipline: Due Process
      3350-P1: Detention
      3350-P2: Suspension and Expulsion
      3350-P3: Discipline Procedure for Special Education Students
      3350-P4: Discipline Procedure for 504 Students
3410: Student Health
      3410-F1: Student-Athlete & Parent/Legal Guardian Concussion Statement
      3410-P1: Concussion Management Procedure 
3416: Administering Medicines to Students
      3416-P1: Administering Medicine to Students
      3416-P2: Documentation for Parent Designated Volunteer to Administer Glucagon
3417: Communicable Diseases
      3417-P1: AIDS/HIV Procedure
      3417-P2: Head Lice Guidelines - A Child Friendly Team Approach
3431: Emergency Treatment
      3431-F1: Medical Emergency Notification
3520: Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
3600: Student Records
      3600-F1: FERPA Annual Notification
      3600-F2: Form Letter to Parent
      3600-F3: Form Letter to Montana Schools - Withhold Records
      3600-F4: Form Letter to Montana Schools - Obligation Met
      3600-P1: Maintenance of School Student Records
      3600-P2: Challenges to Student Records - Hearings
      3600-P3: Withholding Records for Unmet Financial Obligations
      3600-P4: Student Record Safeguard List
      3600-P5: Special Education Records
3606: Transfer of Student Records
      3606-F1: Records Certification
3608: Receipt of Confidential Records