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Billings Public Schools News

This page is dedicated to any community correspondence happening in the district. We hope this page will be a faithful resources for emergency situations, lockdowns, Snow Days or announcements of that nature.

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Community Correspondence

Bus Route 45 affected by upcoming South Frontage Road consutrction

The City of Billings is closing down a portion of the South Frontage Rd for approx. 2 months which will affect transportation times effective Monday, February 18th. Click here for more information.

The City of Billings is closing down a portion of the South Frontage Rd for approx. 2 months which will affect transportation times.  Effective Monday, February 18th, bus pickup times will change as follows:

  • Orchard @ Ellington Ave SW at 7:00 am
  • Fenton Ave SW @ Arlington Ave SW @ 7:01 am
  • Arlington Ave SW @ Ellington Ave SW @ 7:02 am
  • 216 Garden Ave @ 7:11 am
  • 136 Buena Vista Ave @ 7:13 am
  • Belknap @ Garden @ 7:14 am
  • 405 S 25th St @ 7:18 am
  • 9th Ave S @ S 30th St @ 7:22 am
  • 9th Ave S @ S 28th St @ 7:23 am
  • 10th Ave S @ S 29th St @ 7:25 am
  • Kimble Dr @ Sugar Ave @ 7:30 am

Transportation times for Sugar Ave @ Hannon and King Ave E @ Haugen remain the same.

PM route times will remain the same except for students on Arlington Ave SW, Ellington Ave SW, Fenton Ave SW and Orchard.  These students will be dropped off approx. 5-7 minutes later than normal until the construction is complete.

Billings Public Schools has made an attempt to contact those affected by this closure. It is parent/guardian responsibility to make sure their contact information is accurate with their child's home school.

If you have questions, please contact Ponderosa Elementary or the Transportation Department at 281-5580.  Thank you.

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Weather Advisory

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

As a result of the current and forecasted road conditions Billings Public Schools will be activating alternate bus stops through Wednesday afternoon (Special needs buses will run normal routes unless otherwise notified by the student’s bus driver).  Please expect possible delays with buses running a bit behind and know that our bus drivers make student safety their number one priority.

Alternate bus stops are as follows:

1. Rehberg Ranch – All bus stops in Rehberg Ranch will be at:

Rifle Creek Trl @ Iron Horse Trl

2. Yellowstone Country Club/Augusta Ranch – All bus stops in Yellowstone Country Club and Augusta Ranch (including Sam Snead Trl) will be at:

54th St W @ Bobby Jones at the Yellowstone Family Park

3. Hidden Lake Subdivision (including Lorraine St and all side streets that feed into Lorraine St)  will be at:  Hwy 87 N @ Lorraine St

4. Interlachen Dr in the Heights will be at: Lakewood @ Interlachen

5. Any streets north of Rimrock Rd will have alternate bus stops ON Rimrock Rd at the intersecting street.  Buses CANNOT travel on these streets when there is excessive snow and ice.


Other Inclement Weather Tips

Expect the bus to run late and be prepared for this event.

Please wait at the bus stop with your children until the bus picks them up. Students need the ability to get out of the elements in the event the bus is late.

Observe the following winter safety tips with your students who walk to and from the bus stops or schools:

Dress appropriately for cold weather – sweaters, pants, winter coats, hats, scarves, socks and boots.

Even when on a bus, it may not heat well in extreme cold, may breakdown, or might even get stuck.

Allow extra travel time to get to the bus stop or school.

Wear bright jackets or coats so bus drivers can easily see you in the morning or evening.

Stand at least 10 steps away or back from bus stops. Buses need extra room to stop when there is snow or ice.

Do not walk or play on snow mounds or ice within 10 feet of the roadway – you can fall and slip into the roadway and be at risk of being struck by a vehicle.

Do not cross the street at your bus stop until all traffic has come to a complete stop and the bus driver has signaled that it is safe to cross.

While we attempt to make the best safety decisions for the entire district, we respect the fact that parents must make the final decision on whether their children attend school or not during severe weather conditions. Also, please discourage our high school students from driving in bad conditions and offer them alternatives if weather conditions worsen. 

Additional updates can be found on the Billings Public Schools website.

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Review these important safety tips in case of an emergency. 


❖Everyone’s child is our priority. Adherence to these tips will
help us ensure the safety of all.

❖Because it takes time to gather and disseminate accurate
information, it is likely you will receive social media
information before you receive official communication from
the District. Please don’t overreact, even if that information
comes from your child.

❖Do not call or go to your child’s school.

❖Remain calm and patient. Official communication from our
Superintendent will come via one or more of the following:

● Robo Call
● Email/Text Notification
● District Website
● Television/Radio Alerts

❖If you do hear from your child, please encourage them to
listen to their teachers. Reassure them of their safety.

Cold Weather Reminders

Happy Fall to Everyone!

Just wanted to remind all of you of our cold weather procedures. Please do not leave students at bus stops and make sure students are dressed appropriately. We are entering the cold weather season and it's time for cold weather protocols. Please be safe as we enter this winter season.

From our local weather service, please see the following forecast:

We wanted to give a heads up that there will be a shift to colder weather and a good chance of some lower elevation snow from Monday night to Thursday. Here are the main points:

- Lower elevation snow is not expected to be heavy, but impacts to travel are possible due to slick/icy roads.

- Periods of lower elevation snow are likely along and west of a Roundup to Billings to Sheridan line beginning Monday night. Eastern areas will be mostly dry and cold, with gusty NW winds.

-This will be the coldest air yet of the season. High temperatures will be in the 20s to mid 30s Tuesday through Thursday. Nighttime lows will range from the single digits to lower 20s.

Greg Upham 
Billings Public Schools Superintendent

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