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Billings Public Schools Community strives to inspire, educate and empower students to be responsible and innovative global citizens who achieve their full potential.


 Billings Public Schools Welcome Brochure 




Situated next to the beautiful Yellowstone River and framed in by the Rimrock Bluffs, Billings, MT, the largest city in Montana and a stone throws away from Yellowstone National Park, various mountain ranges and ski towns not only offer lots of adventure, but is a growing city with a small town feel.  Inspired by the majestic beauty of the surrounding landscape and our involved and supportive community we strive to motivate our students to be innovative global citizens.  Billings Public Schools offers diverse educational opportunities, in cooperation with many community partners, with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as well as the Arts, Sports and Health and Wellness. We encourage our students to participate in their communities, providing a well-rounded educational experience.



Billings Public Schools strives to prepare our students for the future. Regardless of the pathway they choose, students are engaged in educational and extra-curricular opportunities that support their individual growth towards career, college, and citizenship readiness. Curricular programs emphasize four fundamental growth areas that are essential for student growth:

Academic Core 

BPS supports students’ futures with comprehensive K-12 programs that prepare students for both rigorous college readiness and career technical workforce skills. Programs and courses emphasize deep learning through focus on critical concepts and essential skills.

Financial Literacy and Professional Skills

Whether workforce or college bound after high school, students enrolled in BPS have opportunities to learn how to navigate their financial needs and career prospects by developing their skills to obtain and maintain solid work experience. Students also learn how to match their career choices to their financial needs and the quality life they desire.

Civics, Humanities, and Community

Students learn that they are part of a local community that supports their public education and are able to give back through school supported clubs, student organizations, and community service.  BPS partners with local business and service providers to allow students to be visible and active members of the larger community.

Innovation and Creativity 

Opportunities for music, art, drama, STEM, and literature support students to become the next generation of innovators and critical thinkers. Students grow in their analytic and logical skills in order to create solutions to 21st Century problems.



By using our resources in a responsible and transparent way, we are able to provide diverse opportunities for our students that empower them to achieve their full potential. Our Board members petition the State Legislature to advocate laws that have our  students best interest  and support our strategic goals. Billings Public Schools works closely with community employers and area colleges to expand our Career Technical Education, Dual Credit opportunities. Programs like these provide students with the necessary tools to prepare them for college and be successful  members of the workforce.

Check out our Empowering Education page for current updates on how we’re empowering our students!



We believe:

…about students
  • All students are valued and respected
  • Students learn in diverse ways and at different rates
  • Personal responsibility is the basis for successful learning and positive behavior
  • Student success is achieved through shared responsibility
  • Positive relationships lead to higher achievement, mutual trust and a safe school environment

…about home & community
  • Parents and families have the greatest influence on, and responsibility for, their student’s learning and behavior
  • Positive role models are essential for learning
  • Community engagement strengthens learning and promotes a sense of pride in ownership

…about the District
  • District decisions will be based on what is best for students
  • High expectations lead to high achievement
  • A highly effective staff creates an environment for student success
  • Efficient and transparent resource management is essential for the successful operation of the school district
  • Embracing diversity and culture contributes to a strong learning community
  • Responsible change promotes progress
  • Students should have access to equitable learning opportunities


Student Achievement
  • Optimize learning for each student through rigorous, engaging, diverse and equitable opportunities

Highly Qualified Staff/Staff Development
  • Establish and maintain an excellent, diverse and well-trained staff, supported by professional development that reflects student need

Resource Management
  • Maximize efficient and transparent allocation of resources to support student achievement

  • Develop, maintain and enhance efficient facilities that promote a safe and healthy instructional environment

Community Engagement
  • Engage our community, maximize community investment and meaningful collaboration to enhance student learning