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About Us

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Billings Public Schools Community strives to inspire, educate and empower students to be responsible and innovative global citizens who achieve their full potential.


 Billings Public Schools Welcome Brochure 



We believe:

…about students
  • All students are valued and respected
  • Students learn in diverse ways and at different rates
  • Personal responsibility is the basis for successful learning and positive behavior
  • Student success is achieved through shared responsibility
  • Positive relationships lead to higher achievement, mutual trust and a safe school environment

…about home & community
  • Parents and families have the greatest influence on, and responsibility for, their student’s learning and behavior
  • Positive role models are essential for learning
  • Community engagement strengthens learning and promotes a sense of pride in ownership

…about the District
  • District decisions will be based on what is best for students
  • High expectations lead to high achievement
  • A highly effective staff creates an environment for student success
  • Efficient and transparent resource management is essential for the successful operation of the school district
  • Embracing diversity and culture contributes to a strong learning community
  • Responsible change promotes progress
  • Students should have access to equitable learning opportunities


Student Achievement
  • Optimize learning for each student through rigorous, engaging, diverse and equitable opportunities

Highly Qualified Staff/Staff Development
  • Establish and maintain an excellent, diverse and well-trained staff, supported by professional development that reflects student need

Resource Management
  • Maximize efficient and transparent allocation of resources to support student achievement

  • Develop, maintain and enhance efficient facilities that promote a safe and healthy instructional environment

Community Engagement
  • Engage our community, maximize community investment and meaningful collaboration to enhance student learning