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Bond Overview

The District currently is benefiting from a $12 million Bond for Deferred Maintenance, which voters approved in August 2010. The total bond amount is actually a combination of two bonds: $10 million from the Qualified School Construction Bonds, which benefits both the Elementary School District (K-8) and High School District (9-12), and $2 million from the QZABs, which benefits the Elementary School District only.

The bonds are interest-free to local taxpayers; and, because of the contributions the District receives under the State’s current facilities reimbursement payment program, local taxpayers will pay for approximately $5.55 million for $12 million in improvements to selected schools.

The work will occur over three summers – 2011, 2012, and 2013. From June – September 2011, the District will complete the following deferred maintenance projects.

  • Fire alarm projects at Broadwater, Burlington, Miles Ave., and Washington;
  • Window replacement projects at Bench, Highland, Poly Drive, and Washington;
  • Asbestos and mechanical work related to the HVAC project at Senior High School; and
  • Gymnasium roof replacement project at Riverside Middle School.

The students and staff of Billings Public Schools extend their heart-felt thanks to the community for their support.