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  • Incentive Day
     End of 6-week grading period
    Friday, November 21st

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  • Vacation Day
     No School
    Wednesday, November 26th

    Vacation Day
     No School
    Thursday, November 27th

    Vacation Day
     No School
    Friday, November 28th

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  • Incentive Day
    Friday, January 9th

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  • Winter Vacation
    No School
    December 24-January 4 

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  • PIR Day
    No School 
    Monday, January 19th
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  • Incentive Day
     End of 6-week grading period
    Friday, March 6th

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  • Incentive Day
     End of 6-week grading period
    Friday, April 24th

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  • Incentive Day
    Friday, May 29th

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Welcome to Senior High


Office Hours:
7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday

Winter Drivers Education Signups -  Through October 31st in the Main Office.  Cost is $245 and needs to be paid when you sign up.   Classes begin December 2nd.
A representative from the University of Jamestown out of North Dakota will be at Senior High on October 27th during 3rd period.  Sign up in advance in the Counseling Office. 
Caramel Apple sales will run through 2nd lunch on Monday, October 27th.  Cost is $4 and they will be delivered on October 31st. 
Chadron State College out of Nebraska will visit with interested students during 5th period on October 27th.  Sign up in the Counseling Center before the visit. 
Our local City College will have a representative here to talk about the college on October 28th during 2nd period.  Please sign up in advance in Room 130. 
The US Army will have a table set up outside of the Counseling Center on October 28th during lunch to visit with interested students. 
The National Guard will visit with interested students on October 30th during both lunches.  They will have a table set up outside the Counseling Center. 
Voice of Democracy Scholarship - Open to students in grades 9 - 12.  Write and record a short essay to compete for scholarships.  This year's theme is Why Veterans are important to our Nation's History and Future.  See your counselor for an application.  Deadline is November 1st. 
CODEMontana High School Programming Contest:  Saturday, November 1st.  Rocky Mountain College.  FREE.  register at
Attention Seniors:  November 3rd.  3 PM - 4 PM.  MSUB will be in Room 124 to assist you with your MSUB college application. 
The Marines will have a table set up outside of the Counseling Center to visit with interested students on November 4th during both lunches. 
College Application Drive Announcement:  Wednesday, November 5th there will be a college application drive.  Students will be able to come to room 124 from 8 - 9 AM, the Library Reference Room periods 1-6, and the Library during lunch.  Montana Public Schools will be deferring their application fees.  The drive allows students to apply to a few two year and four year schools and only pay the application fee for the school they attend.  Student transcripts will be supplied by the Library, students should bring their most recent ACT/SAT scores, permanent mailing addresses and social security numbers to the Library.  We will look forward to seeing you, if you have any questions or need more information - ask your school counselor before Wednesday November 5th. 
MT Tech Day:  Friday, November 7th.  8:30 AM - 3:00 PM.  Register at ......  See your counselor with questions. 
American Youth Leadership Program of Thailand:  Summer 2015.  All expense paid International Exchange Program.  Information and applications in the Counseling Center.  Deadline is November 9th. 
Attention Seniors:  Your Senior portrait for the yearbook is due December 1st.  Your photos may be indoors or outdoors and should be a full color head and shoulders shot with no props.  Bring your photos to Room 206 or drop them off in the Main Office.
Attention Seniors:  If you would like a baby ad in the 2015 yearbook, bring your photo with a caption of 15 words or less and $30.00 to Room 206 or drop it by the Main Office by December 1st. 
Creative Patriotic Art Contest:  Grades 9 - 12.  1st Place:  $10,000 Scholarship (National Level) Deadline is March 31st.  





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Senior High Activities Schedule

  • MONDAY –Oct  20
    FB - Fr Or @ Skyview Slvr 4:30
             JV vs Skyview 4:30 HOME Canceled
    VB - Fr1/Fr2 @ Skyview 6/6:00
    RAD GRAD meeting - 6:00 Library
    TUESDAY – Oct 21
    FB - Fr Bl @ Skyview Bl 4:30 HOME
    VB - Fr2/So/Fr1/JV/V vs West 4/4/5:30/5:30/7:00 HOME
    WEDNESDAY - Oct 22
    Late In
    THURSDAY – Oct 23
    Retakes in the Auditorium
    FB - So/V vs Helena High  2:30/6:00 HOME
    VB - So/JV/V @ Skyview 3:30/5:30/7:00
    SOCCER - Playoff Game:
    SR Girls vs West @ 3:00 @ Amend 
    FRIDAY – Oct 24
    SOCCER - Playoff Game
    SR Boys vs Skyview @ 3:00 @ Amend 
    SATURDAY - Oct 25
    ACT Test
    VB - Fr1/So/JV/V @ Butte 12/1:30/12/1:30 3:00
    XCNTRY -  State Meet @ Helena 11:00
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  • MONDAY –Oct  27
    FB -  JV @ Skyview 4:30
    VB - Fr2vs Laurel 6:00 HOME

    TUESDAY – Oct 28
    Regular Schedule
    WEDNESDAY - Oct 29
    Late In
    THURSDAY – Oct 30
    SOCCER - State @ Great Falls - time TBA

    FRIDAY – Oct 31
    FB - V @ Skyview @ Daylis 7:00
    So @ Skyview @ Skyview 3:30
    VB - Fr1/So/JV/V @ CMR 2/3:30/2/3:30 5:00
    SOCCER - State @ Great Falls - time TBA
    FORENSICS - Billings Meet - TBA
    SATURDAY - Nov 1
    VB - Fr1/So/JV/V @ GFH 10/11:30/10/11:30/1:00
    MT Elite Youth Basketball Tourney - both gyms
    SUNDAY - Nov 2
    MT Elite Youth Basketball Tourney - both gyms
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